Rental or Repair


Click link to see our complete Hmb Equip 3-2016 (PDF Format) … prices are subject to change without notice.

Requests to reserve are now available online.  All reservations requests are not guaranteed until a return call is received by a LSHTR Associate.  Immediate requests should be called in to (716)649-7626 to ensure availability.

 Rental policies

 Small Engine Repair

Effective 8/31/2015

The following equipment will be assessed a non-refundable deposit for incoming repairs (Estimate Fee; will be credited back into final billing if repairs are completed).

  • $25 Estimate Fee for all Handheld Equipment
  • $35 Estimate Fee for all Wheeled Equipment (including Tillers)

All repairs completed have 30 Day guarantee unless otherwise specified upon your Work Order / Invoice.   Prices subject to change without notice.

LSHTR is a warranty repair center for all our affiliates (see tab above)

Tune-up price listing

  • Hamburg (Athol Springs)

    Equipment Rental
    Delivery / Pick Up for rates based on location
    Small Engine Repair
    Shop Rate $45/one half-hour
    Estimate Deposits required on some equipment
    Blade / Chain Sharpening
    We will sharpen chains, mower blades, hedge trimmers, loppers, etc
    Screen Repair
    LSHTR no longer replaces glass windows.
    We will repair and manufacture most screens.